Jellyfish Leggings

Sold Out - Not Available :(

Did you know that a group of jellyfish can be referred to as a bloom, a smack, or a swarm? Did you know that jellyfish are not made from jelly, nor are they fish? Did you know that the lifespan of some jellyfish is two hours? I bet you would like to impress your friends with these amazing facts about jellyfish at parties - but you just need something to get people talking about jellyfish. Enter: the Jellyfish Leggings. These started off as a suggestion on the Black Milk Facebook fan page, and then became the legendary Jellyfish Dress (yes, there are legends told of it's awesomeness). Finally, they became leggings. And they look like this. :)

Composition: 83% Polyester Bright, 17% Spandex 
Washing: Cold hand wash only
Designer: James Lillis 
Made in: Australia 


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