Unearthly Delights Leggings

Sold Out - Not Available :(

We have a thing for artwork here. Religious artwork is particularly cool, and Hieronymus Bosch pretty much takes the cake for rad religious paintings. His masterpiece was the Garden of Earthly Delights triptych - a painting in 3 parts that folds in all compact and nice. That painting (oil on oak, if you're interested) is meant to be read from left to right and illustrates humans' fall from innocence and their descent into hell. The first panel shows God, Adam and Eve chillaxing in the Garden of Eden, the central panel shows humans delighting in the world (hence the painting's name) but if you look closely at this panel you can see some cracks are starting to show... Then, in the third panel, you have hell and all manner of torments. 

We picked the third panel and put it on some leggings. Go figure. This piece features everything from a man with an eggshell for a body (that some critics suspect is a self portrait of the artist) to the bird-headed prince of hell eating people and...um...well we'll let you see for yourselves. 

Composition: 83% Polyester Bright, 17% Spandex    
Washing: Please hand wash cool.
Designer: James Lillis 
Made in: Australia 

T&Cs of Museum Release

- No returns or exchanges
- Do not email CS about sizes or styles available, if they aren't on the website, we don't have any left.
- Some items will be different cuts as we've changed patterns over the past few years. If you are unsure or have concerns simply don't buy it.
- Stock will be very limited.
- This is not 'Sample' stock.
- When the sale is over it is over… no more available. So please no emails to the CS girls.


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