WonderLust Behind the Scenes

Posted by James Lillis on

We’re calling it now: the WonderLust campaign was probably one of our favs, ever. It was something a little bit different for us, and that’s what we’re all about – always pushing further, changing it up, and challenging ourselves to do something new and exciting.

Before we talk about the campaign shoot, we just want to show you something really special. You might not realise just how hands-on our Graphics team get to create the designs that will end up on your bodeh. So many pieces are drawn by hand, and while lots of the process happens digitally, sometimes they like to get old-school and bust out the pencils and paints. It’s amazing to watch.

(Pssssttt…there may be something super sneaky in these pictures...;) )

Now, back to the shoot.

Right from the start, we had a vision of what this shoot would be about. We wanted to capture the essence of that free-spirited, summer festival vibe. We wanted to be transported to the late sixties, to feel like we were about to experience the most famous music festival of all time. And when we saw the work of our amazing photographer Carly, that vision totally crystallised. We knew we needed two things: a tent, and a vintage aircraft.

Luckily, we actually found both of these things in one place: the beautiful Sunshine Coast. So the shoot team piled into a couple of cars and hit the highway for an insanely early start – gotta catch that dawn light!

Once on location – which, by the way, was mind-blowingly stunning, and we might just move into a tent there permanently – we got stuck straight into all the necessary preparations: hair, makeup, styling and – most important – caffeine.

The weather forecast for shoot day? Storms. And while it was a little grey, and we kept one anxious eye on the clouds all morning, the lighting ended up being perfect for the mood we were hoping to capture: relaxing, carefree, and, coincidentally, very much like photos from Woodstock, our inspiration festival.

Honestly, while all photo shoots are long, often complicated and have moments of stress, this really was one of the smoothest shoots we’ve ever had. Everyone was in great spirits – helped along by an epic playlist put together by our legendary Marketing Director Matt – the laughter came easily and the vibe couldn’t have been more relaxed than if we really were at a summer festival.

(A side note: Matt went on a little adventure and met the biggest spider he had ever seen. Welcome to Australia, Matt!)

The good spirits continued into the afternoon, when we moved onto our second location: a vintage air museum. There are definitely worse places to enjoy a spot of lunch than nestled between some of these amazingly well-preserved time machines.

(Not THAT kind of time machine. That was our Doctor Who shoot).

We also had a chat with a fairly eccentric ex flight attendant, who had a great time watching the shoot and telling us stories from her flying days!

Hair and makeup refreshed (for Matt, not the models…), it was time to board the plane to our flight to…nowhere, actually, which was a good thing considering we didn’t have a pilot. What we DID have was these two amazing flight attendants, straight out of a 1960s Pan Am jet.

I think you can tell how much fun Amelia and Christina had playing these parts – and Alex and Eden had a turn at the old “your exits can be found here, here and here” as well.

And that was a wrap! We were a little sad to leave the magical fields and beautiful jets behind. We’re considering convincing jL to start an airline next, a la Richard Branson. BlackMilk Air, anyone?

We really can’t be more grateful to the whole team that worked on this shoot, because the results were nothing short of magical.

As for our next shoot? Well, let’s just say we boarded a plane again… to somewhere a little further away. Stay tuned…

Love, Team BM xx

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