Choose Your Own Fantasea Adventure

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You're shipwrecked alone on a desert island, what's your first move?
As you gather materials for your shelter, you find an old bottle with a piece of paper inside - however, a venomous-looking snake is wrapped around it. Do you risk getting bitten by the snake?
Standing from a safe distance, you throw rocks near the snake to try and frighten it away from the bottle. It works! The snake slithers away and you quickly pick up the bottle. Inside is a treasure map. You want to follow it, but it’s getting dark. Do you wait until tomorrow, or set off immediately in search of treasure?
You begin to follow the path laid out on the map. You battle your way through jungle and clamber over rocks. After a few hours, you arrive at a fork in the path – but on the map, it’s not clear which way you go. Do you go left or right?
You follow the path to the right. And follow it. And follow it. Just when it seems you're getting nowhere, you hear waves crashing on sand and push through the trees to find... You are back on the beach where you started. You're exhausted - do you give up and go to sleep or try again?
In the middle of the night, you are awoken by a strange flickering light further down the beach. Do you investigate the light?
You follow the path to the left. It ends quite abruptly at a hollow in some rocks. You peer through the hollow and see what appears to be a lagoon on the other side. Do you swim through into the lagoon or go back to the fork on the road and try the other direction?
You turn away from the snake and gather materials from a safer place. You end up building a pretty reasonable shelter, and are quite impressed with yourself. It’s now very late and dark, and you are tired but also a little hungry. Do you go straight to sleep or try to find food in the dark?
You go in search of food. You quickly find that you have two options: eat coconuts or use a makeshift spear to try and catch fish. Which do you choose?
You can either eat the smaller, slightly rotting coconuts on the ground, or try to climb the tree to get to the much larger coconuts above. What do you do?
You crack open the smaller coconuts and begin to eat immediately. Unfortunately, the milk inside has started to ferment, and you start to feel a bit woozy. Do you lay down for a sleep, or go for a swim to try and clear your mind?
You shimmy to the top of the tree and knock down some of the bigger coconuts. Suddenly you see the sun bouncing off glass in amongst the leaves. You reach in and pull out an old bottle, with paper rolled inside. You pull out the paper to find a treasure map! Do you follow it now, or wait until morning?
You head off down the beach towards the light, and start to hear voices. And singing. As you get closer, you see the shapes of people around a fire – they are drinking from bottles and singing completely out of tune. You realise they are pirates! “Arrrrrr, who goes there?” demands the pirate captain. “Stand and fight!” You can try to fight the captain, or turn and run into the sea so they can’t find you. What do you do?
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