Meet the Artist: Lora Zombie

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Even if you’ve never heard of Russian artist Lora Zombie, you’ve probably seen her work. Her hyper-colourful artworks and street-art style started circulating online in the late 2000s, and her popularity has grown exponentially ever since.
It’s pretty easy to see why:



When we first came across her work, we were instant fans. Unicorns, pugs, doughnut, skulls, rainbows, sea creatures, colours – these are all things that are right up BlackMilk’s alley. Turned out the feeling was mutual – Lora rocks her fair share of nylon on a daily basis (along with her signature blue hair!).

BlackMilk and Lora Zombie: pretty much made for each other. And while we have featured a number of artists’ prints on our gear, we decided to take this collaboration to the next level: a whole collection featuring Lora’s incredible artwork. Check out the lookbook here, and the preview here – pretty amazing, right?

While you’re waiting for the release (9am AEST, 2 August!), read on to learn more about Lora Zombie, her inspirations, creative processes and junk food of choice.




How long have you been creating art?

I’ve been creating ‘drawings’ since I was a super duper small kid. I am an adult now, and now it’s called art. But nothing has changed, I personally feel the same ‘childish’ way about what I do, joy and happiness.

What has been the biggest influence on your work?

That would be Jamie Hewlett's creatures, style, and sense of taste. His work was my biggest influence in my first serious steps of being an artist.

Do you have a favourite piece from this collaboration?


Can you tell us the inspiration behind the two artworks you created exclusively for BlackMilk?

Whales and the ocean – this is a magic combo to paint, and always inspires me. This is the best way to use be able to use all shades of blue.

For Pugs and Skulls, there is a part of Japanese history and culture that I really love called netsuke (miniature sculptures that also serve a practical purpose). Once upon a time I saw beautiful, tiny netsuke of puppies and skulls. I had an instant desire to illustrate it my style! I love colours, skulls, pugs – so here ya go.

How does a new work come together?

It’s a collaboration of chaos and harmony.

How long does it take to create a painting, on average?

Usually a day. Sometimes I start five or six pieces in one day, and finish all of them five or six days later.


How did you first come across BlackMilk?

I was looking for where I could buy the Pills Dress design I saw online.

What was the first BlackMilk piece you ever owned?

That same Pills Dress!

Your work is well known for mixing bright colours and cute imagery with darker themes. What is it about this mix that you find appealing?

Not sure. I didn’t really plan it to be that way.

A lot of your fans have had your artwork tattooed on them. How does that make you feel?

It feels great and much appreciated!


Is Junky Food Pug a real life dog?

Yes! He is a pop star called Doug the Pug!

If you could only eat doughnuts or pizza for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Bluuuuuue doughnuts!





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