Unplugged: Are you destined to become a Rock Star?

Posted by Paul Balfe on

Are you in a band, or are you a solo artist?
After building a good local following, your band is approached by a record label that wants to sign you up! However, they do want to make some changes to your act. Do you sign the deal, or stay independent?
Your first gig receives a terrible review from a prominent music journalist. A few days later, you see the journalist at a local café. Do you confront her and insist she got it wrong, or leave her be?
You and one of your bandmates are in disagreement about your onstage costuming. You say you should be wearing all black, they say you should be wearing all white. Do you keep insisting that you’re right – even if it damages your relationship – or do you give in to them to keep the peace?
Your bandmate insists you close out your upcoming gig with a song they wrote, rather than the song you wrote. Their song is actually much, much better than yours, but your ego is at stake. Do you choose their song, or yours?
You ignore the journalist and decide to keep on trying to make it big. After your next gig, you are approached by someone you recognise from the local music scene. They are as negative about your solo act as the journalist was – but they do think you would be awesome in their band. Do you agree to join, or stay solo?
You walk up the journalist, tell her who you are, and insist that her review was unfair. She maintains that your gig really was terrible, but does give you advice on how to improve your act. Then, she tells you how much she loves your incredible outfit, and asks to photograph you for a story. You are still angry about the review, and are worried her story will only mean more bad press. Do you let her photograph you?
Your feud quickly becomes press fodder, and you find yourself confronted by paparazzi every time you leave your house. Do you try to keep to yourself, or do you embrace the media and spill all?
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