Weave Your Own Dream

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You receive a mysterious invitation to travel to a secretive desert location, where you are promised a magical experience unlike any other. How exciting! First things first: how are you going to get there?
Unfortunately, everything on your journey goes a little awry, and you end up wandering lost in the desert. While you are climbing a hill to try and get a good view, a sudden bright light splits the sky. You look up and see a flying saucer hovering above you! Before you can even begin to process this very strange turn of events, you feel yourself caught in an invisible force, and you and the flying saucer both zoom up into the sky. You will be past the stratosphere within minutes. What do you do?
You’ve arrived! Well, you think you have arrived – all you can see is two doors, standing unsupported in the middle of the sand. There is nothing behind them – just the other side of the doors. A sign in front says “choose one”. Do you open the first door or the second?
You step onto a desert landscape, and are immediately flooded with the sound of rock music and the cheers of thousands of people. There are crowds everywhere – epically dressed people dancing feverishly in the sand. A band is playing on a huge stage in the distance.Do you try to get closer to the stage, or immediately join in the dancing?
You weave through the crowds of jumping, cheering, laughing people, but you can’t seem to get close enough. There’s a giant unicorn statue nearby and you could climb it to get a better view. Or you could ask the dancers to help you get closer to the stage. Which do you choose?
You open the door and find yourself staring out at a brilliant galaxy. The door appears to be floating in space – there is nothing above or below you, only more stars. There is, however, a hoverboard floating in front ofyou. Do you climb onto the hoverboard, or go back and open the first door instead?
You step onto the hoverboard and, after a few very scary wobbles, find your balance. You can move in any direction you like if you just point your feet that way – how cool! In the distance, you can see a small red planet and a small blue planet. Which planet do you head for?
You head towards the planet. As you get closer, you can see a landscape of giant rocks, piles of sand and small pools of deep blue water. You land and look around you – in one direction, you can see what looks like an ancient temple made entirely of gold. In the other direction, you can see what appears to be a giant unicorn statue. What do you want to do next?
As soon as the flying saucer reaches the darkness of space, a door opens above you and you are pulled into the craft. You find yourself surrounded by grey-skinned aliens with giant black eyes. You cry out in fear. “Hey, don’t be scared,” one of them says. “You’ve won a very special prize! You can either have a holiday on an alien planet, or be taken directly to the world’s most epic festival. Which prize would you like?”
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