You and your friends arrive at the slightly spooky, but totally awesome house you have hired for your Halloween slumber party. What’s the very first thing you do?

This place is everything you wanted it to be! Dim, narrow hallways, spiderwebbed corners, strangely furnished rooms, staircases that appear to lead to nowhere...it’s just perfect!

You’re eager to get the night’s spooky activities underway. What do you want to do first?
Luckily, the kitchen seems to be equipped with a number of large, sharp knives, perfect for carving the pumpkins you bought from a roadside farm stall on your way to the house. What a strange place that was – and the grizzled old farmer manning the stall was even stranger. Somehow, he had seemed to know where you were heading. “That’s the old Macleary House,” he’d said, and gave a creepy, wide smile, showing darkly stained teeth. “Well you couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend Halloween. That’s when the place...really comes ALIVE!”

He was still cackling as you drove off with the pumpkins.

Ouch! You have become so distracted by remembering the encounter that your finger has strayed in the path of the knife! There’s a lot of blood, making you feel dizzy as you look down. The cut looks deep. What should you do?
You wrap a towel around your bleeding finger and start hunting in cupboards for a first aid kit. There is nothing in the kitchen, so you decide to start checking the bathrooms instead.

Feeling slightly dizzy, you make your way upstairs to where you thought you saw a bathroom earlier. You find the right door and switch on the light – and gasp. For just a moment, you thought you saw someone reflected in the mirror. You look again – no one there but you. Maybe the blood loss is making you see things…

You are happy to find a first aid kit under the sink. Just as you start to clean the cut on your finger, the lights in the bathroom go out. It’s pitch black, and you grope in the dark for the switch. Nothing happens when you flick it. You fumble for the handle of the door – but it won’t open. It seems to be locked!

Suddenly, there is a pounding noise on the other side of the door. You can actually hear the wood starting to splinter. Is it one of your friends trying to get you out? Or...something else?

Should you cry for help, or stay quiet to pretend you’re not actually in there?
You stay as still and silent as you can as you carefully back up into the shower area. You step behind the curtain, your heart beating wildly as the deafening splintering and pounding continues.

Just as suddenly as it started, it stops. The light comes back on and all you can hear is the sound of your own anxious breathing.

You dare a peek around the curtain, expecting to see the door in pieces – but it’s completely intact. It’s as though nothing even happened.

Forgetting all about tending to your injured finger, you race to the door, fling it open and run back out into the hallway. But something about it looks different to earlier, and you realise you don’t quite know how to get back to the stairs that will lead you to your friends. Do you turn left or right?
The hallway is so much longer than you remember! Maybe this wasn’t the right way to go…

But it seems too late to turn back now, and something draws you onwards. You keep following the hallway, past what seems like dozens of identical closed doors you are sure nobody noticed when you first explored the house on arrival.

At the end of a hallway is a staircase, but it’s leading upwards, not back down to the living areas. You definitely went the wrong way.

Just as you are about to turn back, the door to your right flies open. A masked person leaps out at you, brandishing a huge knife! OMG – it’s a killer!

Should you run up the staircase, or turn and run back down the hallway?
You turn your back on the killer and run as fast as you can, back the way you came. But it’s no use – the killer is right behind you. You’re never going to make it back down to your friends in time!

You spot an open door to a room in front of you. A few feet past it, you can see a metal fireplace poker leaning against the wall. You could try to get to the poker and defend yourself, or run into the room and try to block the door behind you. What do you do?
You lunge for the poker and swing it back towards the killer. Direct hit to the side of their head!

You don’t stop to see if they are still alive. You don’t even stop to see if your friends are still alive. You keep running until you find yourself back downstairs, and through the front door.

You leap through the open door and slam it shut behind you. But before you get a chance to block it, you trip over a rug in the dark and hit your head on the floor. You are knocked unconscious.
You step out the door and start walking down the hallway. You soon spot the staircase you climbed to get to the bathroom. Relieved, you hurry towards it, eager to rejoin your friends.

A voice suddenly floats towards you, stopping you in your tracks. It’s calling your name. And while logically you know it is probably one of your friends, it makes the hairs on your neck stand on end.

“Hello?” you call tentatively.

The voice repeats your name, over and over, one whisper on top of another like a continuous echo. It’s coming from a room to your left.

Do you investigate the voice, or ignore it and go down the stairs?
You are pretty sure one or more of your friends is playing a trick on you. You march into the room. “Very funny, you guys!” you say as you turn on the light.

But your friends are nowhere to be seen. Instead, there is just a large antique mirror, all alone in the centre of an otherwise bare room. You see your reflection staring back at you – and the reflection suddenly smiles. It says your name.

As if in a trance, you walk towards it, locking eyes with yourself.
You run down the stairs. Even if it is just your friends, you’re not walking into a prank like that!

You hear your name called again, and your heart momentarily skips a beat. But this time, you realise it IS your friends, calling you downstairs. “It’s ouija board time!” one calls excitedly.
You’re pretty worried about how bad this cut looks. You think it might be best to call for a local doctor and ask their advice.

You pull out your phone to make the call, but quickly realise you have no service. And neither do any of your friends.

Luckily, you spotted an old-fashioned landline phone in a little room just off the kitchen. You wrap your injured finger in a towel and pick up the receiver with your good hand. You are about to dial when you realise there is no dial tone. The phone is completely dead.

You hang it up. Almost immediately, it starts to ring. Do you answer it?

You’ve seen too many horror movies to want to answer a supposedly dead phone that rings. You decide to go look for a first aid kit instead.
You tentatively pick up the phone handle. “Hello?” you say.

“Your friends are all gone,” a guttural voice says on the other end. “And you’re next!”

Oh my god – the phone call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

You drop the receiver and run into the living room where you last saw all your friends. There is no sign of them – but there are bloodstains on the floors and walls.

You can see that one blood trail goes to a closed door on the far side of the room. You wonder if one of your friends is behind there, still alive and needing your help.

Do you follow the blood trail, or save yourself and leave the house?
You tentatively open the door. The blood trail continues on the other side, but there is no sign of any of your friends – or, thankfully, the killer. The trail leads right up to an old boxy television sitting in the corner of the room, flickering with an ominous glow.

You are somewhat drawn to the TV. Mesmerised, you walk towards it. You feel compelled to touch the screen. You press both palms against it. It’s warm, and it feels less like a screen, and more like another pair of hands, holding onto yours.

“They’re here…” you whisper.
Your self-preservation instinct kicks in and you hightail it for the front door. Once outside, you run towards the car – and realise the keys are still somewhere inside, possibly still on the body of the friend who drove you all to this terrifying place.

If you can at least get to the road, you might be able to flag down a passing car, or find your way to a neighbouring property. You start towards the long, winding driveway – and then hear a scream of terror coming from the graveyard.

What do you do?
You feel bad for abandoning what is surely one of your friends in danger, but you need to save yourself. You run down the driveway, your heart beating wildly in your chest. It’s so dark you almost run directly onto the road, and have to pull yourself up short when a pair of headlights suddenly bear down on you.

You wave the oncoming car down frantically. Thankfully, they pull over a few metres ahead.

You run up and pull open the passenger side door. “I’m so glad you’re here,” you gasp. “Someone is trying to kill me!”

It’s only then that you actually see the driver of the car. It’s the creepy farmer you bought the pumpkins from!

“I did tell you it was a good place to spend Halloween,” he says, smiling the same strange, crooked smile.

You sit there in stunned silence for half a minute, until he adds “Well, are you gonna get in or not?”

Do you get in the car? Or run away down the road?
You decide you have no choice. You get in the car and shut the door behind you, shivering in the sudden cold.

Without speaking, the farmer starts driving. Maybe it’s the monotony of the country road, maybe it’s the stress of what you have just been through, but you are suddenly exhausted and can’t keep your eyes open. You drift off…
Popcorn in hand, you all pile in front of the television and press play.

The television is a bit old, and apparently temperamental, because it flickers at odd intervals and the sound seems to cut in and out. It soon settles down though, and you are able to enjoy your fave horror movie – for a while.

Just at the moment that the main character in the film sees the monster and screams, the television goes blank. But the screaming continues.

That’s when you realise that it’s not coming from the television at all – it’s coming from the graveyard outside.

Do you investigate the scream, or run to lock the doors instead?
You’ve seen enough horror movies to know that you NEVER investigate strange noises. Instead, you and your friends race around the house, making sure that all the doors and windows are secure.

You all agree that you don’t really want to keep watching the movie – but one of your friends suggests that the mood is kind of perfect to break out her ouija board and have a spooky séance. You are not sure if it’s such a good idea, but you know your friends will tease you mercilessly if you say you are scared. You don’t really have a choice...
You join your friends back in the living room, where they have already dimmed the lights and lit some candles. The ouija board is unfolded in the centre of the floor. The candlelight flickers on your friends’ faces, creating strange shapes and shadows of their features.

“Let’s begin,” your friend says. She is clearly taking it upon herself to lead the séance, which is more than fine with you. You take a seat beside her and lightly touch the planchette.

“Is anyone there?” she asks.

The planchette glides across the board, pointing clearly at the word ‘Yes’ in the corner. It really does feel like it’s moving on its own.

“Who are you?” she asks.

The planchette moves swiftly. You silently spell out the letters it lands on. A-F-R-I-E-N-D. Well, that’s a relief.

But it doesn’t stop there. The letters keep coming. W-A-R-N-I-N-G-D-E-A-T-H-F-R-I-E-N-D-K-I-L-L.

“What?” your friend gasps. Just then, a gust of wind comes out of nowhere, despite all the doors and windows being closed. The candles are all blown out, and the room is plunged into darkness.

You feel strange. It’s like a fog has settled on your brain. You almost feel like you could fall asleep.

Do you give in to the feeling, or shake it off?
You stand up, staggering a little as you shake your head, trying to clear it of the strange feeling. Your friends are freaking out around you. You feel your way to the light switch, but it doesn’t respond when you go to turn it on.

“The power is out,” you say, strangely calm.

One of your friends has had the presence of mind to locate the matches they used to light the candles, and has relit one of them. In the glow, you see your friends huddled together in fear. But you feel so oddly relaxed. Why are they so freaked out? It’s not like you’re living in a horror movie.

You decide to look for the fusebox and see why the power is out. You light another candle and tell your friends your plan.

“I don’t think we should split up,” one of your friends says, her voice shaking.

“I’ll be fine,” you say. “I’ll be right back, don’t worry.”

You step into the hallway and walk away from your friends.
You know you can’t avoid it – you have to go and explore the graveyard.

You tentatively pick your way down an overgrown, cobbled path, nearly rolling your ankle on the broken stones. The graveyard looms out of the darkness, crumbling tombstones catching the moonlight.

You are alone in the silence. You have no idea what’s happened to your friends.

You hear a creak behind you. A snapping of a twig. You spin around – and see a hulking, masked person, brandishing an enormous knife! They’re going to kill you!

Do you pick up a fallen tree branch to try to defend yourself, or run as fast as you can?
You grab a hefty fallen branch from the ground and whirl towards the masked killer. “Don’t come any closer!” you shout.

But they don’t stop. They move towards you, faster than ever.

Do you try to hit them with the branch, or drop it and run?
You don’t hesitate – you swing the branch towards the killer. It connects with the side of their head and they fall to the ground. You don’t stop to check if they are truly down – you leap over their body and run straight back towards the driveway.
You turn and run, stumbling over the uneven ground, a scream fighting its way out of your throat. You don’t even see the open grave until it’s too late.

You fall in, hitting your head on the ground below. You fall unconscious…
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