It’s nearly midnight on Halloween. You’re on your way home from a party and decide to cut through a graveyard to save time. It’s a little bit spooky, but it is Halloween after all…

There’s a newer section to the graveyard, which is easier to navigate but takes you further away from your house. Or there’s a much older, more crumbly part that makes your journey much quicker. Which path do you take?
You head for the well-groomed paths of the new section. It’s dark here, so you pull out your phone to help light your way – only to have the battery immediately die. Which is strange, because it was at 97% charge just moments before.

You slowly pick your way through the darkness. Suddenly, there is only emptiness underneath your foot, and you tumble down into blackness.

You hit the ground painfully, and lay momentarily dazed. You can feel dirt underneath you, and when you reach out your hands, you touch walls of more dirt on either side. You realise you have fallen into an open grave.

From out of the blackness, you hear laughter. It sounds like a child, giggling somewhere nearby. All your hairs stand on end. Do you call to the child for help, or stay silent and hidden?
“Is someone there?” you cry out. “Please help me!”

The giggling grows louder – it seems to echo around the grave. Suddenly, the head of a small girl peers over the edge of the grave. Despite the darkness, she is clearly visible – it’s almost like she is glowing.

“You don’t look dead to me,” she says.

“Of course I’m not dead!” you say. “Can you help me get out?”

The girl disappears, and moments later a rope falls down beside you. You use it to haul yourself up out of the grave.

You turn to thank the girl, but she is nowhere in sight. Suddenly you hear a giggle again, and see her in the distance, peeking from behind a gravestone. “Try to catch me!” she calls, and runs off.

You feel as though you should follow her – after all, she’s a small child alone in a cemetery and you should probably try to find her parents. On the other hand, there is something awfully creepy about her. Do you go after her, or sneak away quietly?
You run after the girl, spotting her in the distance as she leaps behind tombstones and dashes between graves. You begin to catch up. You round the corner of the final tombstone you saw her duck behind – and there’s no one there.

“Surprise!” a voice cries behind you, and you jump. It’s her – glowing even more brightly than before. In fact, you can almost see right through her.

“It’s time for a new game,” she says. “I call it ‘digging for treasure’.”

For the first time, you notice that there is a shovel plunged into the grass atop the grave next to you.

“Go on, dig it up, see what you find!” she urges. You shake your head – and the little girl begins to morph in front of your eyes. She grows taller, older – a teenager, then a young adult. She ages through decades in seconds: she's an adult, then a middle-aged woman, and finally a bent, withered old lady. She cackles.

“Dig!” she orders.

Do you dig up the grave, or try to run away?
You feel a bit guilty, but your instincts tell you that following the child would be a bad idea. There’s something about the way she glows that seems…otherworldly. So you creep away carefully, trying to find the path again.

You’ve been walking for what feels like hours, picking your way carefully through the darkness, when you stumble and catch yourself just in time. You realise you have almost fallen into the open grave again – you’ve somehow been walking around in circles!

You barely have time to register your frustration, however, because you hear a strange sound out of the darkness. A kind of shuffling-groany noise. You turn towards it in dread – and see a zombie coming towards you!

Despite the fact that flesh is literally falling from its body, the zombie is moving quickly towards you, arms outstretched. You quickly pick up a fallen branch beside you. Do you try to fight the zombie or try to run away?
You stay silent and press yourself up against the sides of the grave. Something tells you that a child giggling in a cemetery at midnight is just…not quite right.

After some time, the giggling fades away. You decide it’s safe to try to get out of the grave. You start jumping as high as you can, trying to grab the edge of the ground. Finally, you manage to hold on, and pull yourself up out of the grave.

You are too creeped out to keep following the path you were on, so you turn back to the entrance of the cemetery. Should you try the path through the older part to get home, or leave the cemetery and try to find a taxi?
You head down the overgrown path that leads to the older section of the graveyard. Cobwebs stretch between trees, and the graves around the path are cracked and broken. As you step over the side of one, you catch your toes on a large crack and go flying to the ground.

You hit the side of a hill and start rolling down it. When you finally come to a breathless stop, you open your eyes to see that you have landed in front of what seems to be a big crypt – and the door is open.

Do you go inside to look, or try to climb back up the hill?
You step tentatively into the opening. Surprisingly, the inside of the crypt is lit with candles – you have to wonder who lit them, and why.

At the back of the crypt is a very old-looking headstone, in front of which rests two books – one bound in black leather, the other in red. You try to get a closer look at the headstone. There are only two words, barely legible with age: READ ONE.

Do you read the black book or the red book?
You open the book and begin reading. It’s a strange language – maybe Latin, or at least something like it. Almost without meaning to, you begin to read the words out loud.

There’s a strange sound coming from the ground beneath the headstone. You take a step backwards. You want to stop reading but you can’t. The sound grows louder and the dirt begins to move. Suddenly, a skeletal hand bursts through the ground.

You scream and start backing away as the hand is joined by another, and then a hideous rotting face and torso. It’s a zombie! You’ve raised the dead, and it’s now coming towards you!

The only weapon you have is the book. You could throw it at the zombie and try to knock it off balance while you escape – or maybe there’s a counter-spell to send it back to its grave. What do you do?
You frantically flip through the pages as you keep backing away from the zombie. On one page, you see an illustration of what looks to be an undead person with a big red cross over it. You have no idea if it means anything, but it seems to be your best shot. You begin to read the text out loud.

Suddenly, the zombie stops in its tracks. “Oh thank God, I thought I was going to be undead forever!” it says.

You can only stare in shock as it continues: “Finally, someone read the spell that means I can stay dead in peace. Thank you! I’m going to go lie back down in my grave now, but I’ll tell you a secret – there’s a treasure buried with me. If you want, you can dig it up before I climb back in.”

The treasure sounds tempting, but you’re not sure if it’s some kind of trick. Do you dig it up, or run away?
You turn and run back up the hill. You find yourself back at the entrance to the graveyard. Should you try the path through the newer part to get home, or leave the cemetery and try to find a taxi?
You turn away from the crypt and start the difficult climb back up the hill. It’s tiring – more tiring than you would have expected. In fact, you start to feel so sleepy you can hardly keep your eyes open. You are tempted to lie down and just let yourself go to sleep.

You force yourself to keep going. You are crawling by this point, agonisingly pushing yourself forward. But as you reach the top, the tiredness leaves you, as though you were simply under a strange spell. You stand up and find yourself back at the entrance to the graveyard. Should you try the path through the newer part to get home, or leave the cemetery and try to find a taxi?

You go back out onto the street. To your surprise, a taxi comes past almost immediately. You flag it down and fall into the backseat with relief.

“I’m so glad you came past,” you say to the driver. “You wouldn’t BELIEVE the night I’ve had.”

“Sounds HELLISH!” the driver says, in a strange raspy voice. Just as he pulls out onto the road, you catch sight of his face in the rearview mirror – and scream. His face is demonic, bright red, with black eyes and a wide, ghoulish smile.

“Now, shall we go somewhere fun?” he cackles.

What do you do?

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