Dear Sharkies

It’s safe to say that we’re living in a strange, uncertain time – much stranger than any of us could have really imagined, in fact, and we’ve imagined some pretty weird things.

As you know, the BlackMilk community is one of the most important things about our little brand, and that’s never been more true than it is right now. So we wanted to let you know that we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you guys – as well as our incredible team here at BMHQ – can feel reassured that we’re taking lots of extra precautions to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.

We want to keep bringing you lots of cool gear and the epic collections we have planned over the next few months, so we’re working hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible here at HQ. At the same time, we’re following all Australian government guidelines to keep our team safe in the workplace, and taking lots of extra steps to make sure everyone feels supported.

We’ve outlined some of the specific extra precautions we’ve put in place below, so you can get all the info you need. Of course, we’ll continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will update our approach based on any new advice given by the Australian and local government, as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO). We’ll update this page regularly too, and keep you all in the loop via our usual social channels.

In the meantime, we’ll be here to answer any questions you might have, and we’ll also be here just to chat, to share memes, to talk about cool clothes and puppies and pizza and the latest sneaks we found on jL’s desk, because right now we could all do with staying connected with each other, as much as we can.

Remember, let’s all continue to look out for each other during this time, because that’s what Sharkies do.

Love, Team BMC xx


What extra precautions are being taken when packing my order?

Our Warehouse ninjas are taking lots of extra steps to ensure they are handling your gear as hygienically as possible, including the use of hand sanitisers and protective gear. We’re also making sure our Warehouse (and the rest of HQ) are thoroughly cleaned every day.

Can I put a hold on dispatch of an order I’ve already made?

Yep! If you would like us to hold off on dispatching an order you have already made, need to update a delivery address, or have any other questions, please get in touch with us at within an hour of making your order and we'll do our best to help!

What extra precautions are being taken for deliveries?

Our delivery partners (such as Australia Post) have taken on extra measures that meet advice given by government and health authorities, such as use of gloves, sanitisers and other hygiene precautions. This means your new gear will get to you as safely as possible.

Why do products have delayed shipping dates?

As you might have noticed, some of our new new pieces have delayed shipping dates on them, and you’re having to wait a little longer than you would like to get your new gear on your bod. Unfortunately, this is happening because of all the delays in deliveries all around the world at the moment due to COVID-19 – for us, that means that many of our fabrics, trims, zippers etc. are taking much longer to get to us than they normally would, and that in turn means we can’t get on with making your gear as quickly as usual. Products that are coming from our global manufacturing partners are also impacted.

The good news is that all of our suppliers and partners are working crazy hard to get things to us as fast as they can, and to minimise those delays as much as possible. And of course, our team here at BMHQ is as dedicated as ever to getting that gear out to you as soon as they can.

We’re really sorry that you’re having to wait so long. Obviously we really wish this wasn’t the case – we work hard to design and create this gear, so we want to see it out in the world as soon as possible! Hopefully things will go back to normal really soon – and in the meantime, we thank you for being patient, and continuing to support our little brand and remaining excited about all the cool new things we’re doing – we promise they’ll be worth the wait!

Why is my order taking so long to be delivered?

Because of the Australian Government's social distancing laws, we are required to limit the number of team members that can be working in our warehouse at any given time, so that in turn affects the number of orders they are able to process in a day.

There are also currently worldwide shipping delays due to the effects of COVID-19, so while our warehouse ninjas are still aiming to pack and ship your order as quickly as possible with a reduced team, there may be delays out of our control once your order leaves our warehouse and goes into the postal system.

For international orders, Australia Post is prioritising express international parcels above standard international. Standard international shipping can be subject to change due to limited airline capacity and government restrictions within internal destinations which means your parcel may take longer to arrive to you and may be redirected via a non-traditional route if the postal service sees fit. If you are concerned about delays, express international may be the best shipping method for you to choose at this time. Always check what custom charges may be applicable in your country.

How will shipping delays affect returns?

In light of worldwide shipping delays, we have temporarily updated our returns policy to allow for 60 day returns. This applies to any orders made since 1 March 2020.

We understand this is a challenging situation for everyone and want to make things work for you as painlessly as possible, so please do get in touch if you are concerned about the 60 day return timeline. We are happy to review each return on a case by case basis and find the best outcome for everyone. Hit us up at if you have any questions about your return!

What extra precautions are being taken for returned items?

Once returns get back to us, our team are following WHO and local authority guidelines on hygienically handling returns, such as using hand sanitisers and protective gloves.

Can I still get a refund if my return is delayed?

If your return has been excessively delayed getting back to us, and you have paid for an order via credit card, we are able to process a refund, provided the credit card hasn’t expired in that time.

Please note that our standard returns terms and conditions still apply.

However, if your order was paid for via PayPal, we are unable to process refunds after 180 days following the date of purchase. Unfortunately this is a PayPal policy and is totally out of our hands. If you ordered via PayPal and return your order, we can offer store credit after the 180 day time limit has passed.

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