FAQs: Sleepwear

Why is BlackMilk releasing sleepwear?

We are always listening and in our most recent customer survey, we saw that a large number of our customers were interested in new categories – with sleepwear being one of the top requested. We heard you and we are making it happen. Plus this way you can comfortably wear your BM 24 hours a day!

Why couldn't sleepwear be made at BMHQ?

At BMHQ, we have some amazingly talented people who make your BM outerwear day in and day out. For sleepwear we needed to look outside our local Brisbane location for a couple of reasons:

1. At BMHQ we have a very unique way of printing – sublimation - which allows us to print really bold colours and prints on the fabrics we use all of which must be Synthetic based due to the nature of Sublimation technology. Our sleepwear garments are not made from Synthetics, but from cotton elastane and viscose.

2. In order to print on Cotton and Cellulosic fabrics two print techniques are used on this sleepwear range, for which digital technology and placement screen printing machinery is required, all of which we do not have here in Brisbane. Instead, we have been able to use the equipment and expertise of our overseas supplier partner in Northern China, an industry leader in sleepwear production to create the collection.

Our Brisbane team has been working to capacity in BMHQ production departments and it is our priority to make our famous sublimated products here first and foremost.

You can find out more about our manufacturing process and global supply partners here.

How do you ensure the same ethical standards for your global manufacturers?

At BlackMilk we are committed to ethical sourcing and work practices – whether it be at BMHQ or with one of our global production partners. We will only work with factories that share our commitment and all our suppliers must abide by a Supplier Code of Conduct agreement which outlines standards that must be met.

In addition to this, our sleepwear supplier is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This program sets out values and principles aiming at the highest labour protection drawing on important international labour standards such as the International Labour Organisation conventions and declarations and the United Nations guiding principles on business and human rights. This ensures workers’ rights are protected through a number of audited criteria:
*The rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining
*No discrimination
*Decent working hours
*No child labour
*Fair remuneration
*No bonded labour
*Occupational health and safety
*Ethical business behaviour
*No precarious employment
*Protection for the environment

Do you have proof?

Before working with our sleepwear supplier, we requested proof of their commitment to ethical manufacturing through the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). They go through regular auditing as part of the program and members of our team have also personally visited the factories to ensure the working conditions and environment are of an acceptable high standard.

Whilst we understand that some larger retailers are in a position to share the details of their manufacturing partners as a result of the exclusive nature of their agreements and although we like to be as transparent as possible with our customers, due to the smaller nature of our business, publicly providing this detail would allow for potential imitation of our products. Whilst they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we are confident in our supplier’s commitment to ethical manufacturing, we need to protect our intellectual property – it’s what sets us apart!

You can find out more about our manufacturing process and global supply partners here.

Will BlackMilk continue to manufacture in Australia?

Over the years at BMHQ we have built up our expertise in sublimation printing technology. Our Australian-based team is focussed on delivering all the BM products you know and love and our commitment to you is to always provide the highest quality garments.

That’s why, in the past, we have engaged a hosiery partner in Italy with specialised experience in this category to bring you the best quality products. We also previously worked with expert partners in Japan for sunglasses and the USA for snapbacks.

We want to continue bringing you new categories of BM to support and suit your lifestyle, but as we know we aren’t the expert in all areas, we have partnered with the people who are to bring you high-quality products with that unmistakable BlackMilk touch all designed in house at BMHQ.

We know the strength of our team at BMHQ is in sublimation printed garments and we are continuing to invest in new machinery here at BMHQ so that we can produce the best quality BM clothing for you.

What makes your sleepwear better than other brands?

Like any BM collection, our sleepwear features iconic BM specially designed prints that we are famous for, it is made from high quality fabrics and has been designed specifically for our customer drawing on our expertise, experiences and knowledge – so you know what you are getting is a quality BlackMilk garment!

Is sizing consistent with other BlackMilk products?

Sizing of our sleepwear has been developed through the same team that create your other BM gear so it is consistent. However it is important to remember that sleepwear is designed to be comfortable and some pieces may seem looser in feel because of the type of product – like any other sleepwear you might own!

Why are you not offering XXS? What about people in this sizing category?

Due to the relaxed fit of sleepwear, allowing for unrestricted movement and superior comfort while you sleep, after careful analysis by our team and feedback from our customers, the decision was made to create a sizing range that reflects standard sleepwear sizing and our customers. We recommend referring to our sizing chart though to make sure you are selecting the right size for your preference.

Does this mean you will be removing XXS from the main range in the future as well?

Our main range sizing won’t be impacted by the introduction of sleepwear. We will continue to review our sizing offering based on demand and offer a range of sizing wherever possible.

Can I return sleepwear?

Our same returns policy as our main ranges applies to sleepwear. You can view our full returns policy here.

What is it made out of - fabric?

Our sleepwear collection is made from fabrics specifically designed to be really comfy for sleeping. Most products in the first collection are made of 95% cotton, for its natural fibre comfort and breathability and 5% Elastane to help with stretch and fit. The Koson Flowers products are made from 100% Viscose. This high quality fabric was chosen for its natural coolness and super-comfy draping and soft touch.

How do you ensure the same quality as other BlackMilk products?

To ensure the same quality, we have chosen high-quality, suitable fabrics and carefully selected a production partner who shares our same commitment to delivering a high standard of products. All products also go through the same thorough quality checks at BMHQ before they are delivered to you!

Will you be expanding into other categories in the future?

We are continually looking for ways to bring more BM love into your life. We love hearing your feedback and thoughts on what you would like to see so drop us a line. And as always, when we launch anything new, you will be the first to know!

Sounds amazing, when can I nom?

The first BlackMilk Sleepwear collection “Sweet Dreams” launches on Tuesday 25 September,7am AEST. The product will be stock product, becoming limited as stock reduces, meaning you will have time to purchase your favourites!

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