BFF Design Questions

Hey guys

jL here.

I was contacted this morning to clarify some issues with these new leggings we have released for Christmas. Easy! I love talking about my designs, and I am happy to do so whenever! If you have any questions, just email BM and I am more than happy to answer them!

Let’s get to it:

- So we have been accused of all sorts of nasty things today, and without going into too much detail, some of these accusations are unfair and hurtful. Honestly, the idea that Black Milk is a ‘big, faceless corporation ‘ as opposed to an ‘indy' store is kind of alarming to hear. We are a little factory in Brisbane, Australia, with a very small turnover, employing a local team who do an incredible job of making garments that we are all really proud of. We’re supportive of each other, have a great working environment and are always thinking about how we can make things even better for our customers. 

We certainly don’t consider ourselves ‘faceless’… I personally spent last Friday taking groups of BM customers through our factory, giving sneak peeks and answering questions. The next day I was at our sample sale so I could chat with our customers. Then I went to a party that night that we threw for our customers - to spend time with them and celebrate our Birthday. Our social media team work 24/7 to ensure all questions are answered and our customer service team genuinely care so much about making sure everyone is over the moon with their purchases. Our warehouse team like to write little drawings and love notes to our customers in their parcels. If a customer emails us and says they want to come through BM to check it out. We happily say, “Sure, come in!” 

We’ve been the victim of other businesses copying our designs, and brands even being created, solely to sell exact copies of our garments. We know how hurtful is to have your hard work copied and would never do this to another person or brand.

- We have been accused of stealing burned velvet. I personally discovered burned velvet in a tiny dance fabric shop in New York many years ago (I’m sure there is a Sharkie out there who would probably know the exact date better than me!). I fell in love with it, bought a few metres and it has been a mainstay of BM basics to this day. After we started ordering thousands of metres of it, it went mainstream.

- We have also been accused of stealing shiny black wetlook leggings with sheer panels in them. I’ve been creating and selling wetlook leggings with sheer panels in them for over 7 years. I personally came up with the diamond design, completely independently, because I wanted to create something based on ’side diamonds’. This design is extremely simple. It is a basic Spartan cut, doubled up, and flipped. I designed then originally as gym leggings (see pic below) however, in the fittings a couple of girls suggested it would work well as a fashion basic, so more like a sheer spartan. So we put it in wetlook instead of active fabric, and girls really liked it! So we made it for Christmas.

Honestly, it baffles me that there are people out there who genuinely believe that BM is incapable of coming up with this independently having seen our garments from the past seven years. I’m just doing my own thing and for me that’s what makes it fun. ;) The reality is that we have THOUSANDS of original design ideas that we have created from which we will make new clothes. I have absolutely no interest in getting ideas from anyone else. I struggle to get all my own ideas into production!

The reality is, Black Milk made a simple pattern, and someone else made a similar pattern. That’s it. Nothing to see here people. We are just going to keep making shapes that we love. :)

And to all those who have supported us, thanks so much. xx

Hugs and Nylon. 


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