We are getting a fancy pants new system (which is good, because we're kind of all about fancy pants)! This means there are going to be a few little things changing from 2nd June – here is what you need to know!

Q: Can I add the gear I want to nom to the wish list before the release in my size?

A: Yep! You can now add individual sizes to the wish list. Once the release is live you will be able to add products to your cart directly from the wish list, just like you used to be able to do on our old site. The "add all to cart" button has been disabled for now, but we are working on getting this functioning and hope to have it available in the future!

Q: Will the Shop Social page, and the hashtags on product pages be coming back?

A: Yes! The Shop Social page is back on the home page, however we are still waiting on the hashtags and social pics on each product page, stay tuned!

Q: I can’t see the product prices in my countries currency. Will this be back?

A: Yep - In the meantime your order total will show in Australian Dollars on the website and the exchange rate will be applied on your debit/ credit card or Paypal account by your bank or financial institution.

Q: Will I be able to see my previous order history?

A: All of your previous order history is safe and our tech team are working to display the last 2 years of it so you can view it. Don't worry, we have a record of your total store count, so you won't miss out on those special milestones.

Q: Is PayPal "pay after delivery" going to be available?

A: This is a service offered by PayPal and not BlackMilk, so we cannot guarantee its availability.

Q: Is Afterpay still available?

A: Yes! Afterpay is available to our Australian customers for orders of $100AUD or more, providing you meet Afterpay's acceptance criteria. Please be aware that payments cannot be split between another source (e.g. gift voucher) and Afterpay.

Q: Can I split my payment between a gift voucher and PayPal?

A: Yes! Our clever IT team now has this sorted, so you can go ahead and split your payments between gift vouchers and PayPal!

Q: How many gift vouchers can I use for my order?

A: You can use a maximum of two gift vouchers per order transaction.

Q: Are you still doing postcards for releases?

A: Yes! We will still be printing 500 super special, limited edition postcards per release, and these will be randomly placed in orders from release day!

Q: I signed up for a restock notification in the old system, will I still be notified when the gear I want is restocked?

A: For the next few months, we will be continuing to send restock notifications from the previous system as normal. However, to ensure you continue to get notified as soon as the item you want is restocked, please sign up again via the new system and you will be one of the first to know when it's available!

Q: What about one page checkout?

A: We have disabled one page checkout for now as this was causing some payment issues for our customers. Checkout is now an easy two-step process.

Q: Will there be any disruption to the website?

A: We will be offline for a short time while we move everything over, but we'll be doing everything we can to make the downtime as short as possible. You won’t be able to access from 12.00am (midnight) on 2nd June 2017 (AEST), but we should be back up and running by about 5am (AEST) on 2nd June.

Q: Will my account still work?

A: Yep – all your account info is safe, and your order history will come through soon. However, we aren't able to copy your shipping info, wishlist or password from our old site to the new site, so we will need you to jump in and reactivate your account and pop in your address info. This just means confirming a few details and updating your password – super simple! We will be sending an email with some instructions on how to do this on 2nd June, so keep an eye on your inbox. Remember to check your spam/junk folders if you don’t see it come through.

 Q: Are your shipping options still the same?

A: Our options for Australian Express Post & International Express (UPS) will be exactly the same. We do have one awesome change – all International Standard parcels will now be tracked, and shipping won’t cost any extra than it does right now! You will receive a tracking number in your shipping confirmation email so you can stalk your package all the way to your front door. As a result of this change there are some countries that we can no longer send International Standard parcels to as the tracking option is not supported. You can check out the updated list of UPS only countries HERE

 Q: Has anything changed with returns?

A: Yes – You can still get a full refund, or a store credit for the full cost of the item you are returning but unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer 110% store credit as a return option for anything purchased on or after 2nd June 2017 (AEST).  You still have 100 days from your order date to get your gear back to us if it doesn’t fit or you don’t love it as much as you had hoped.

Q: Will you still be offering free return labels for Australian orders?

A: Yep! We will still be sending free return labels for all Australian orders of $150AUD and over. If you aren’t in Australia, or didn’t quite spend $150AUD,

you might still be eligible for free return shipping if you paid for your order via PayPal. Just log into your PayPal account and search for free returns to check out the details and what you need to do.

Q: Has anything changed with the rewards program?

A: Nothing has changed with our rewards program and we still have access to your purchase history to figure out your piece count. So what are you waiting for? Go nom!

Q: Can I still use my gift voucher?

A: If you have a gift voucher that still has credit available, don't worry – you won't miss out! We will be reissuing all outstanding gift vouchers to ensure they work on our new website. They will be issued to the person who purchased the voucher, so if you were awesome enough to have gifted a voucher to someone else, you should hear from us soon! Once you have this email, you can forward the new voucher onto the recipient.

If you have a voucher that you purchased and you haven’t heard from us by 5th June, please check your junk and spam folders, as sometimes our emails can land there. If you still haven’t received anything from us, just send us an email at and we will get it sorted for you!

Q: I have a discount code – will it still work?

A: Yep – If you have a current discount code you will be able to use the same code in our new system. If your code is not working, please send us an email at with the details of your code and we'll check it out!

Q: Can I still cancel or change my order once it's been placed?

A: As before, if you need to change or cancel any part of your order there should be no problem, as long as you let us know within one hour of placing it. After this time, our packing ninjas will be madly getting your order ready to send out and we won’t be able to make any changes. Please ensure you check your order confirmation carefully and let us know straight away if something isn’t right.

Q: Can Customer Service still upgrade and downgrade my shipping method manually?

If you contact us within one hour of placing your order, we will be able to manually downgrade your shipping method from International Express (UPS) to International Standard if International Standard is an available shipping method for your country. However, we are no longer able to manually upgrade your order from International Standard to International Express (UPS), so please ensure you are picking your preferred shipping method when you are checking out. 

 Q: Can I still pick up my order from BMHQ in Brisbane?

A: Yes you can, and we'd love to see you! Just make sure you select the pick up option at checkout, and we will email you when your order is ready to be collected.

Q: Has anything else changed?

A: One more thing: we are introducing new printed packaging that is friendlier to the environment and looks pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves)! From now on, your new shinies will come barcoded and individually wrapped inside your parcel. All the packaging is fully recyclable, so please make sure you dispose of it in the appropriate recycling bin! This new system will help our packing ninjas get your order out even more quickly than before! 

Please note that this does not mean that anything has changed with the manufacturing of your goodies – all of our products are still lovingly handmade at our Brisbane HQ! 

And that's about it! Remember, if you have any questions at all, you can email us at We love to chat :)