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Do you ever wake up actually excited to go to work, because you have the PERFECT office outfit to wear? Yeah, that's pretty much us every day.

It would be totally selfish of us to keep that feeling all to ourselves, so that's why we started making BlackMilk dresses that are totally perfect for work. You're welcome!

Banish boring from your work gear

You spend hours of your life at work, so why would you want to wear something that has no personality, that doesn't give you confidence, that just isn't 'you'?

Sure, there are dress codes and rules to follow – that's why we offer dresses with a variety of lengths, including office-appropriate longline, midi and maxi dresses, with options for higher necklines, full-length arms and styles that can easily be worn over button-up shirts or paired with a blazer. Then we take those work-friendly cuts and kick 'em up a notch with bold, colourful prints, unique designer fabrics and quirky detailing that makes 'em anything but boring.

Ready to breathe some life into your work-drobe? Shop our collection of office-friendly dresses from anywhere in the world (even while you're at your desk...we won't tell on you!)

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