Our Design & Development Process

Designing and making clothes that our customers fall in love with is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s an involved process, but that’s what makes us unique, so we wouldn't have it any other way. To give you an insight behind the scenes at BM, we asked our teams to tell us a little about what they do each day.


Our merchandise team spend many hours developing plans for every range we design here at BMHQ. They review and analyse all previous ranges to forward plan how many styles, which shapes, what the mix of plain and printed designs are and the quantity of each by size.

They supply this data to design and product development working collaboratively to get the most desired outcome for our customers globally.

They also plan and order fabrics and manage stock through the production process with our production department and work extensively with marketing to ensure all products are ready for launch.


Sometimes when you’re looking at an end product, it’s hard to comprehend how much work has gone into making it a reality. For example, did you know that a lot of our prints are hand-drawn by our very own creative designers? Yup – that awesome piece you are wearing on your bod probably started out with a pencil, some paper and the awesome inspiration of a BM designer – and they’re always looking for new ways to create the unique prints you love.

Where do they get all their ideas? Other than the fact they are amazingly creative, our designers get inspo from fashion trends, collection themes and, of course, our customers – they love when you tell us what you wanna see!

Once an overall collection theme is decided, lots of time is spent researching and planning what the overall products might look like. Our designers begin to experiment with elements of their planned pieces to see how they might naturally work together, and how the prints will work on different shapes.

Product Development

Once our designers have nailed down the collection theme and initial concepts, our talented product development team starts creating garment patterns to strict technical specifications. A number of samples are made from the patterns, and the garment goes through the fitting process. We make sure a whole lot of different people try it on to make sure it fits and feels fantastic!

Armed with the detailed feedback that comes from these fittings, our product developers tweak the patterns until they are perfect. The final sample, along with incredibly detailed technical specifications, is then handed over to our manufacturing teams so they can ensure every piece produced consistently matches the original pattern.

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