Leggings: the foundation of any wardrobe.

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  1. Droids MF Leggings BM - Limited
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  2. Black HW Bandit Pants BM - Limited
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  3. The Awesome HW Leggings BM - Limited
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57 Items

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High-waisted, wet look, looks-like-denim-but-not-actually-denim... Our leggings are like a mood ring for your body, there’s a print and style for whatever you’re feeling.

Some say leggings are lazy-people-pants, but not us. In fact, our leggings are anything but lazy. Every pair is conceived right here at BMHQ, starting in our Product Design team. From here, a sample is made, and we get a bunch of real people in the office to try it on. We tweak it until we have our perfect final sample and then it’s time to manufacture these babies. Finally, they’re uploaded to the interwebs for your viewing, ordering and wearing pleasure. Nothing lazy about these babies.

Now the only question is: what mood are you feeling?

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