Our Environment

Here at BMHQ, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Here are just a few ways we work to care for our planet every day in the process of making your clothes.

We Keep Our Manufacturing Efficient

  • When it comes to cutting the patterns for your clothes, our skilled fabric cutters start the process by carefully arranging each piece to be cut as efficiently as possible. This means we can seriously minimise any fabric wastage.
  • When we have big off-cuts from the end of a fabric roll, these are saved and used to make other garments that require small panels.
  • Any other fabric off-cuts we are left with get bundled up and sent to another factory where they’re repurposed into mattress toppers.
  • Where possible, we also occasionally donate unused fabrics to local educational institutes.

We’re Always Working to Reduce Waste

  • Our Social Committee are hawkeyes for an empty bottle or can around the office - they collect them all and take them away to be recycled.
  • Any soft plastics or paper used in the cutting or printing process are also sent off for recycling.
  • Our Merchandising team works really hard to accurately plan and forecast demand for our clothes. This helps to minimise overproduction as much as possible.
  • Any samples and seconds are sold through our sample sales like Feeding Frenzy to give them a new lease on life.
  • If we do have any stock that still remains unsold, this is sent away to local charities, including the World’s Biggest Garage Sale and the Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • The clear, soft plastic packaging used to ship your gear in mint condition is recyclable. We are also in the process of updating this packaging to a 100% biodegradable and compostable material. You can find out more about this packaging in our FAQs.

We’re Animal Lovers

  • The only job animals have at BlackMilk is looking cute. Seriously, the Marketing team has a wall dedicated to all their pets, and sometimes they even get to come and visit the office (the pets - not the marketing team - we’re always here).
  • We don’t use leather (with the exception of logo patches for durability – this will be noted in the descriptions of relevant products), skins or fur in our clothing.
  • We often collect donations around the office for animal welfare and environmental charities.
  • We periodically collaborate with organisations like the RSPCA and Shark Week to help raise funds for their very important causes.
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