Our Environment

In true BlackMilk fashion, we maintain our uniqueness and actively work on multiple fronts to reduce wastage in our processes and are always looking to improve. At each stage, here’s how we do it:


  • Our skilled fabric cutters work diligently to reduce the amount of fabric used in each cut process. They do this by arranging the patterns to be cut efficiently.
  • All off cuts remaining after the cut panels have been removed are bundled and sent to another factory for shredding where they are repurposed in mattress toppers.
  • Any off cuts from the end of a roll are saved and we later use this for garments that require small panels.
  • Paper & soft plastics utilised during the cutting process are sent for recycling.
  • We work with a local not-for-profit, worker run co-operative to ensure any unused fabrics are repurposed and given a new life.
  • Where possible we also donate unused fabrics to local educational institutes.


  • The sublimation process utilises protection and print paper and both types of paper are sent for recycling.

Office Waste

  • Like most businesses, we also run recycling programs for paper and other recyclables.
  • We regularly hold office clean up days to keep our office and surrounding grounds neat and tidy.

Garment Destruction

  • We work to avoid over production through accurate planning and forecasting demand.
  • Where this does occur, we carefully manage the exit strategy of stock to sell through remaining quantities.
  • We sell our samples and any faulty stock through sample sales to ensure they are given a new life.
  • We donate unsold stock to local charities, including the World’s Biggest Garage and the Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Any licensed stock that remains unsold at the end our license agreement contractually must be destroyed but we work with our licensors to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.


  • Barrier packaging for our products ensures that your garments arrive in pristine condition every time. These packages can be recycled.

Animal Welfare

  • BlackMilk has a strict no fur policy on all our garments.
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