Our People

We believe our business is truly special because of the beautifully unique people that choose to work with us each and every day. Their passion, drive and thirst for creating something magical for our customers is unparalleled. As such, the engagement and wellbeing of our people is critical to our success.

Ensuring our team are compensated fairly for the work that they do and having clear health and safety systems is as important for our internal team as it is for the suppliers that we choose to partner with.

The ability for our team to see and be involved in our processes end to end provides unique learning opportunities and a deeper connection to our purpose.

What is it like to work with BlackMilk?

"I enjoy the problem solving aspect of being a product developer. Especially on tricky garments. Seeing a final product come together and knowing all the hard work and effort you put behind that garment has paid off, is really satisfying. I enjoy seeing products I've worked on being sold as well. I may not have been the designer or had the idea for that garment, but I made that garment come to life. And knowing that people are willing to spend their hard earned dollars on it is pretty special. " Alana, Product Development

"I love the industry, I love my team, I love what our company stands for. I love making the customers happy and hitting our goals. I think our company stands high for ethically produced clothing and its great to be apart of that." Claire, Warehouse

"It's a workplace that encourages creativity, which is not easy to find even when your role is a fundamentally creative one. Even after 14 years of working in magazine & book publishing and arts festivals, I've never been able to exercise my creative muscles as freely and as consistently as I have in the last three years here! I also enjoy working for a brand I am genuinely a fan / customer of myself, and especially for one that is made under ethical working conditions at all levels (which is so unusual in fashion / retail)." Talina, Marketing

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