About Us

BlackMilk Clothing is a Brisbane-based label that creates gear for people who don’t mind standing out from a crowd. We started from a kitchen table in 2009, and have been helping stylish people worldwide be fabulous ever since.

Right from our humble beginnings, we’ve been part of a unique online community of awesome people – from the early days of selling a few hundred pairs of leggings through a blog, to the thousands of ‘Sharkies’ who we are now lucky enough to have chatting with us on our social media pages.

We want the BlackMilk social community to be a safe space in this crazy crazy world – a place where you come for some lighthearted fun (and epic clothes!). Above all else, we want this to be a place filled with kindness, support and respect for each and every Sharkie, where everyone can express themselves just as they wish.

So while we may not comment on specific situations or world events, please know this is what we stand for.

What we stand for:

We are a loving community. Each and every person is welcome (and encouraged) to join in on the BlackMilk fun! Whatever your identity, sexuality, gender, race or nationality may be, you are welcomed into the BlackMilk family!

We celebrate each other’s individuality. We empower each other. We listen to one another. You do you, because you are the most amazing thing you can be!

We’re inspired by your style. This means selfies – all of the selfies! If you’ve got a new Blackmilk outfit, we obviously wanna see it immediately. Share the BlackMilk love with your fellow community members!

What we don’t tolerate:

Any hateful, disrespectful, defamatory or discriminatory comments. BlackMilk is a safe space for each and every Sharkie – we don’t tolerate any hateful language towards another person.

Abusive, obscene or profane comments, links or images. Throw ‘em right out.

No negative self talk. Seriously, you’re a badass babe and if you wouldn’t say it about someone else, please don’t say it about yourself! <3 Post that selfie and be proud!

We take our responsibility in ensuring our social community is safe and fun very seriously. Remember, your words have an impact on the whole community, so our admins reserve the right to delete posts and comments that are deliberately inflammatory, disrespectful or deemed inappropriate, as they see fit. Anyone who continues to be argumentative or incites negative and hurtful commentary after being warned will be banned. No second chances.

Ultimately, we want to celebrate you and for you to celebrate each other, because we are all amazing. We love you all, no matter your differences, because let's be real – we're all here because we're a little bit different.

So have fun! That's what we're here for.

And don’t forget to share your BlackMilk pics using @blackmilkclothing and #blackmilkclothing so we can all share in on your amazing, unique style!

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