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Gift vouchers are sent via email and contain a code to enter at checkout. Your gift voucher will be in your inbox within 48 hours of purchase :) Don't forget to check your junk mail!

Your Gift Voucher will come with a Voucher Code. You can use the Voucher Code during checkout on the payment screen. Gift Vouchers are NOT discount codes, so don't put your voucher code in the discount code box – it won't work!

Vouchers will expire in one year after the purchase date. Vouchers do not cover postage. All our usual terms and conditions apply.

Gift vouchers are unique to each site (US and Global) and will not work across both! Gift vouchers purchased from the Site are not redeemable in the Concept stores.

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Give The Gift of Shiny Nylon

We get it – everyone wants a piece of the nylon. Ever since that first selfie on Facebook, your mum, aunt, bestie, second cousin, music teacher, and boss all wanted some of that shiny nylon goodness. They wanted the Black Milk. And being the awesome person you are, you decided to get it for them. But HOW?! I mean, you don’t have your boss’ measurements and favourite colours memorized right? We hope not. Here’s how you do it: get ‘em a gift voucher. Then they can go on their very own Black Milk shopping spree, courtesy of you and your awesomeness.

Be awesome. Fill this form out and make someone happy.

Gift vouchers are unique to each site (US and Global) and will not work across both!

Please note: you can apply multiple gift card codes to one order.

I want to give my special someone: AUD of shiny nylon.

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