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Here at BlackMilk, we like to wear our swims as bodysuits too. Join us!

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Oof. Can you feel that? It’s getting hot in here. Must be these bodysuits. Find the perfect bodysuit for you in our epic online range!

Maybe take a breather, grab yourself a cool drink, then we'll continue.

OK, so we're pretty proud of the bodysuit range we've crafted here at BlackMilk – they’re all about everything we hold close to our little nylon-loving hearts: tight, stretchy, a little bit daring, and a whole lot sexy. We want to make women like you feel like nothing less than superheroes, and our bodysuits are designed to do just that.

They were made for layering under skirts, shorts, dresses and overalls, and are all guaranteed to make you look mighty fine. Don’t worry though, we’ve designed them with comfort in mind too. The high neck styles come with either crotch snaps or a front zip to help get them on (and off) easily.

While our bodysuits come in all kinds of bold prints, designer fabrics and super flattering shapes, hosiery bodysuits are our signature – as stretchy and totally-body-hugging as a pair of high-quality hosiery tights, but for your torso. We use this unique construction to create all kinds of cool cut-outs and patterns on your bod, and all that crazy stretch means they fit literally everybody like a glove.

Your next perfect bodysuit can be found right here on this page – buy it online now, or chat to us if you wanna know more about our range!

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