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So sometimes you just want to wear something other than leggings. It’s rare, but sometimes. 

So yeah, we make pants too. We’re best known for our Cuffed Pants, and for good reason. They’re kind of the best pants you’ll ever wear. They feel like pyjamas, but look like totally-appropriate-for-going-out-in-public pants. 

In fact, they look better than that - they have an ultra-flattering fit, never get crinkled and will help you look perfectly put together (even if you’re just wearing a T-shirt on top). No one will know they’re not made from scratchy suit fabric (plus they can go in the washing machine, and they never need ironing - boom!).

And for those days where you want to be a little edgier, there’s our overalls. They’re a lot like our cuffed pants on the bottom, but with a cute bib. These look epic with a crop top or bodysuit underneath. Then again, there isn’t much they don’t look good with.

About our Cuffed Pants

Imagine a super flattering pair of pants. Now imagine they’re totally office appropriate, but you’ll want to wear them on weekends too. Now imagine they never need ironing. Now imagine that despite their good looks they feel like you’re wearing pyjamas.

Now imagine they actually exist. Yep, it’s our Cuffed Pants.

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