Choose Your Own Nightmare

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You are driving down a road in the middle of nowhere, fighting to see your way through a terrible storm, when your car breaks down. Your phone is dead – you have no way to call for help. In the distance, through the sheets of rain, you can see an enormous building behind a crumbling wall, surrounded by what looks like huge, overgrown lawns and gardens. It’s the only sign of civilisation in sight. You wonder if there’s a phone somewhere you can use. You make your way over to the gates, and manage to squeeze through a small opening into the yard. Now that you can see the building better, you’re having second thoughts about going inside – it looks like it’s about to fall apart. It’s clearly abandoned, and looks extremely unsafe. You could risk it and go inside, or try to find shelter somewhere in the garden and hope that the storm passes. What do you do?
You see a large tree and think it might provide some cover. You make your way over to it, passing what seems to be a gigantic pond on the way. Suddenly, a ghostly figure appears in the trees branches and swoops down at you! It’s the figure of a woman dressed in white, with blood dripping from her eyes! You scream and run. Do you run forward into the house, or backward towards the pond?
You open the front door and run inside, shaking with cold and fear. It’s even more dilapidated inside than you thought – dust and spiderwebs cover every surface, and there are holes in all of the walls. A pile of broken plaster and furniture blocks one hallway. There’s a staircase in front of you – you could go up the stairs to the second floor, or down the stairs to the basement. Which way do you go?
You carefully climb up the creaky stairs, testing the strength of each step with one foot in case they collapse underneath you. The second floor opens onto a narrow hallway, lined with old portraits. You could swear that the eyes in each portrait are following you as you move. You reach another hallway – so dark you can hardly see. And you hear a soft noise – a melodious voice, from one end of the hallway. It’s calling your name, over and over. It sounds soothing and welcoming. You can turn right and investigate, or turn left and leave the voice alone.
You turn left and feel your way through the darkness. You hear a strange scratching noise from around the corner. You step towards it slowly, terrified of what you’ll find. You hear a ferocious howl, and suddenly find yourself face-to-face with huge snapping jaws, and a creature that towers over you on its hind legs. It’s a werewolf! You can see a small hole in the wall nearby. You could try to wriggle into it to get away, but you might get trapped. Or you could turn and run back downstairs, but the werewolf might catch you. What do you do?
You go down into the basement. It appears to be mostly flooded – you are standing on a sort of platform, but the rest of the space is filled with deep, dark water. All is quiet and calm, however – you feel like you might be safe down here. That is, until you turn around and see the coffin in the corner. Behind it is a glowing wooden chest. Do you investigate what’s in the chest or step away from the coffin?
You walk towards the chest – but before you can reach it, the lid of the coffin bursts open. A vampire flies out! “You have disturbed my slumber and tried to take my treasure!” the vampire says. “You have two choices: try to kill me, or let me turn you into a vampire. Honestly, being a vampire is kind of cool.” What do you choose?
You follow the voice into a dimly lit room. Inside is a beautiful woman, dressed all in white. She is standing in front of a glowing wooden chest. She smiles at you and holds out her hand. You reach out to take it. She grabs your arm, and suddenly her hands become claws. Her face transforms into a grinning skull, with bits of bloody flesh hanging from the bones. She screeches your name again, this time in a rough, high-pitched voice. Behind you, the door slams shut on its own. You struggle and momentarily free your arm from her grasp. Behind her, there is an open window. You can see a deep pool of water underneath it. Do you jump out the window and into the water to escape the creature, or do you try to kill it?
You turn and run, the werewolf right behind you. You trip and fall down the last few stairs, but quickly get to your feet. You desperately grab for the handle of the front door, but it won’t open! The werewolf is reaching out with its enormous claws! You dive out of its way. The stairs to the basement are narrow – you’re sure the werewolf couldn’t fit. But you’re frightened of getting trapped down there with no way back out. You could also try to kill the werewolf. What do you do?
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