BUST & WAIST: Measurements for both busts and waists are now consistently the same across all our printed dress shapes, even if they are totally different styles. And while different fabrics stretch differently, the body tension will be comparable between both printed and non-printed styles – so you won't have to size up or down between shapes even if they are different styles and fabrics!

BODICE LENGTHS: Bodice lengths on all styles have been reviewed and standardised so that they all sit at the average natural waist. This allows our dresses to fit a broader spectrum of body shapes. In most cases, a little extra bodice length has been added, which means that larger busted and longer torso-possessing wearers shouldn't have to size up to make it fit!

NECKLINES: All our necklines have been reviewed, with some becoming a little more work appropriate and some still staying a little on the edgier side. Each silhouette will have a consistent neckline within its style, e.g. a scoop skater dress will sit in the same neck position as a scoop longline dress.

ARMHOLES: Armhole heights and strap widths have been adjusted to allow for better comfort and fit: no more tight armholes or exposed bras!

SLEEVES: All styles that have a sleeved option (e.g. cap sleeve skater dresses) will fit comparably to the sleeveless version – the sleeve addition will be the only difference to the shape!

INSIDE OUT DRESSES/EVIL SKATER DRESSES: These styles – including the cap sleeve versions – now have a more evenly flowing skirt, giving better drape and fullness. They also have improved princess panel seam placements and bust shaping, and should be comparable in fit in all aspects.


These are the new standard skirt lengths as taken from the natural waist (i.e. waist seam or band):

MINI = 40 cm /16"


LONGLINE = 54 cm/ 21"

MIDI = 61.5 cm/ 24"

MAXI = 103 cm / 40 ½"


All of our different pants styles have been reviewed and reworked to give better balance in the torso rise, less dragging at the crotch, and better, more flattering hip shapes. Lengths have been reviewed and are consistently in line for various styles, i.e. ¾ length, full length, pedal pushers etc. We've also made some improvements to pocket shapes and depths – no more losing your phone out of a gaping pocket!

CUFFED PANTS & CUFFED SHORTS: We've ensured consistent sizing between the printed versions of these shapes and their designer counterparts – such as the Push It Cuffed Pants and Push It Cuffed Shorts. For example, if you like the relaxed fit of your printed cuffed pants in a size M, your size in the Push It Cuffed Pants would also be an M – they would just have a slightly snugger fit due to the different nature of the fabric.

SHORTS: Size grading on shorts means sizes will be consistent across all styles – whether they are cuffed shorts, shiny shorts, summer shorts etc!


WAIST: Waist positions have been standardised to two rise options: high waisted and regular waisted.

HIGH WAISTED: Waistband (or elastic) sits on the natural waist.

REGULAR WAISTED: Waistband sits 4–5cm (2") lower i.e. at or just below the belly button, depending on your torso length.

All our leggings have had shaping added to comfortably fit around the knees and calves, with flexibility to fit a variety of body shapes.

NEW SLICKS: An improved version of our New Slicks Black Leggings can now be found under the new name of PVC HW Leggings. We've reshaped these and removed the wet look panel in the inline – so you will still be able to put them on with ease, but you will have super shiny, slick PVC goodness from waist to ankle!


In general, top necks and collar shapes have been improved, and sleeve lengths are now properly graded through different sizes.

RELAXED FIT TOPS: All relaxed fit products (i.e. BFTs, Touchdowns, Slouchies etc.) have been reworked for better fitting and more comfortable neck shapes, armhole positioning and hood shapes where applicable (no more cone heads!).

FITTED TOPS: All fitted tops and tees have an improved bust length to reduce drag lines. Raglan styles (such as the Ringer Tee) and any styles with fitted cap sleeves have been reworked for a more comfortable fit and flattering shape.

BUSINESS TIME SHIRTS: Business time shirts have been refitted so there is less gaping at the buttons around the bust, as well as better bust dart positioning for a more flattering look.


Like all of our leggings, snuggle suits have also had improved leg shaping and leg tension. Your toasties and snuggle suits should feel exactly the same from the waist down! Grinning (where the fabric stretches and the print becomes lighter or shows white lines) has been greatly reduced, and sheerness at the hipline has also been improved. The shoulder and bust girths have also been improved, so they are more comfortable but still fit nice and snug (as a snuggle suit should!).

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