Your journey to find Utopia begins with a river. Two boats are tied up side by side, gently rocking with the current. One is shaped like an elegant black swan, and the other like an enormous, golden moth. Which boat do you choose to board?
As soon as you step into the swan boat, wings spread out from the sides – feathered wings. Its head turns, and shiny black eyes gaze at you. This isn’t just a boat – it’s actually a half-mechanical swan. The swan gracefully launches itself into the middle of the river, and then stops. It moves its head left, then right, then looks back at you. It seems to be asking which way you want to go. Which direction do you choose?
The swan turns left and travels further and further down the river, which soon widens into a mouth that meets the ocean. The swan continues on, moving through the gentle waves that rise as you cross into the sea. Amongst the sounds of the waves, you hear another sound. It’s like a soft voice is calling your name – from below. You feel an overwhelming urge to follow it, but the swan is showing no signs of stopping. What do you do?
The voices fall quiet behind you as the swan travels further away, towards an island that grows bigger as you get closer. The swan pulls gracefully up to the shoreline and you step out onto the beach. There are two signs immediately in front of you. One says ‘Adventure’ and the other says ‘Home’. Which do you follow?
You walk into a thick jungle – so thick that you can hardly see in front of you. You squeeze through hanging vines, climb over moss-covered logs, and crawl underneath low-hanging branches for what seems like hours. Finally, you see something up ahead – a large lake beside what looks like an overgrown temple. Just as you reach the edge of the lake, a huge snake drops from a nearby branch and starts slithering towards you. What do you do?
The swan boat turns right and swims along the river. A few hours pass as you glide over the water, resting comfortably against the swan’s back. Suddenly, the swan veers off the side, and you see the opening of a cave in a rocky wall in front of you. The swan swims into the cave – which turns out to be more of a tunnel, with an opening at the other end, and the entrance to another cave to the side. The swan stops as the water meets a rocky shore. Do you explore the cave further or go straight out the other side?
Conveniently, you find a lit torch just inside the entrance, which makes you feel more certain that you are going the right way. You take the torch and make your way further into the cave. You are following a narrow tunnel that takes you downwards – into the earth. Suddenly the flame on your torch flickers, and then goes out completely. You are in darkness, but you can see a tiny bit of light up ahead. Do you keep going towards that light, or turn around exit the caves altogether?
You press on through the tunnel, feeling your way with your hands on the rock walls beside you. The pinprick of light in the distance grows bigger. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you emerge from the tunnel into a cavern lit by firey braziers around the edges. In that light, you see them – small, furry creatures with big round eyes, frolicking happily around the cavern. They are probably the cutest things you’ve ever seen in your life. As you step into the light, the creatures squeal with delight and rush towards you, snuggling up to you with their soft little bodies. Astonishingly, they start to talk. “Stay with us!” they plead. “We just want someone to cuddle us and play with us and love us forever!” You could stay in the cavern, or you could go home. Which do you choose?
The moth boat takes off so quickly you have to grab onto the wings to keep from falling off. It speeds down the river, getting faster and faster. Suddenly you hear a ferocious rushing sound – and realise there’s a waterfall just ahead. The moth boat shows no sign of stopping! Do you dive off into the water or stay put?
Just as the moth boat reaches the top of the waterfall, it takes off into the air. The wings you are holding on to begin to flap. You suddenly realise that this isn’t just a moth boat – it’s a half-mechanical moth! The moth soars high above the river. You are full of excitement – you would never have expected to be able to fly on top of a giant moth-boat-plane! All too soon, the moth descends, landing softly between a dark, ominous-looking cave and a dark, ominous-looking jungle. What do you do next?
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