FAQs: Underwear

Why is BlackMilk now selling underwear?

Due to the nature of our fabrics, shapes and product stretch (i.e. we like things that are tight ‘n stretchy), we have had lots of customer requests for underwear that suits our styles and shows no visible underwear lines.

Where is the underwear made?

Underwear requires specialist technology, equipment and expertise. To ensure we are delivering a high-quality, innovative product, after much research and consultation with an Australian distributor, a specialist underwear producer in China was selected to manufacture the BM underwear.They have been specifically designed for our Sharkies to wear under your fave BM leggings - uniquely constructed using specialty underwear machinery and no-show, high-elastane fabrics.

How do you ensure the same ethical standards as other BlackMilk production?

BlackMilk has a longstanding commitment to ethical production. These ethical standards apply to all BlackMilk production whether here at our factory in Brisbane or through our supply partners in China (underwear) or Italy (Hosiery). Our underwear manufacturing partner was selected not only for their expertise, innovation and technology, but also their shared commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

Our supplier is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an internationally recognised code of conduct based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN guiding principles for Business Practice and Human Rights.

How do you ensure the same quality as other BlackMilk products?

BM underwear will go through two stages of quality checks – one with the manufacturer where every garment is checked against BlackMilk standards. A secondary quality spot check of some garments will also be completed at BMHQ before distribution to customers.

How does it work?

Science! Using precision-laser-cut technology and super high-quality stretch knit fabrics eliminating the need for elastic, BM no-show underwear sits flat on the body and gives a really smooth appearance (while being super comfortable) under your fave leggings.

How is the lace no-show?

Unlike other lace you might have worn, our lace underwear is made using laser-cut technology and stretch knit fabrics that create an extra-flat profile lace, with the stretch allowing the fabric to sit smooth against the body. They are plain and simple in the front with a beautiful flat profile lace on the back, so they have all that stunning detail as well as the no-show effect.

Why should I wear BM underwear?

Our team has worked on providing a product that fits everything BlackMilk is about – comfort, style and feeling good! These styles have been specifically selected (and tested) to be worn with BlackMilk clothing. They are also super-comfy (using soft fabrics and a cotton-lined gusset for all-day wear), easy to wash and of high quality.

What sizes and styles are available?

BM no-show underwear comes in a range of styles and sizes to suit every outfit – in both black and nude. The Hipster and G-string styles are low rise, while the High Cut offers great coverage sitting just below the belly button.

Plain G-String 8-14
Plain Hipster 8-14
Lace Hipster 8-14
Lace High Cut 10-16

What size should I choose?

BM no-show underwear comes in numerical Australian sizing (8–16 in most styles). The below chart is an indication of comparable sizing between our underwear and other BM products to help you select which size is right for you.

Clothing Size XS S M L XL
Underwear Size 8 10 12 14 16

What is your returns policy on underwear?

It is important to choose carefully when selecting underwear as there are no returns for change of mind on these products (you can understand why...) – but our normal policies apply for any product fault.

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