FAQs: Feeding Frenzy

What's up for nomming in the Feeding Frenzy sale?

There’s a whooooole lotta cool stuff! It’s a total mixed bag made up of some limited, one-off samples, samples of some of our existing stock, full size ranges of cool sample gear we never got around to releasing, returns, as well as some super discounted sale product – nothing is more than $60AUD!

How many samples are there?

As you can imagine, samples are extremely limited and will probably sell out quickly – you’ll have to have your ninja A-game on for this one! When we have IRL sample sale events, we have the luxury of bringing in a lot of different samples for everyone to sort through, so there tends to be heaps of sample stock available – more than enough for everyone to nom to their heart’s content! Unfortunately an online sample sale is a little different and we aren’t able to make thousands of different samples available. Instead, we’ve sourced a mixture of super special one-off samples, and added in some full size ranges of samples that we never got around to releasing, so everyone has a chance to grab some awesome gear! We’ve also thrown in some amazing sale products – some you may have seen before and some have never been released.
(Note that samples will have the word ‘sample’ in their name, so you can easily tell what’s what.)

Do my purchases count towards my store count?

Normally purchases made at our sample sale events do not count towards your store count, but as long as you log in and purchase under your account, these purchases will automatically be added. Mystery Bag purchases will count as 1 item.

Can I return my purchase?

Products purchased from the Feeding Frenzy are not able to be returned if you change your mind, but some may be eligible to be returned if faulty. This does not apply to products marked as ‘samples’ – these are all sold as is and are not returnable. You’ll find links to all terms and conditions for each product on the product page.

How do I know if a sample product has faults?

Samples (by their nature) may have small imperfections such as minor printing or stitching faults that will NOT affect the structural integrity of the garment – our QC team has checked each sample. Where the fault is noticeable, this will be called out on the product description page. All sample products contain the word ‘sample’ in their name, so you’ll know exactly which pieces fall under this category.

Can I see a preview of the items before they go live?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to preview the Feeding Frenzy collection before it goes live – you’ll just have to dive on in and be ready to nom away!

Can I use AfterPay?

Sure can – our Australian customers are able to use AfterPay as normal!

Can I use a gift voucher?

Yes! Just apply your voucher as usual to the gift voucher section upon checkout.

Can I hold things in my cart?

No – to give everyone an equal chance to nom, there is no ability to hold items in your cart. Items aren't yours until you've completed your order, so we recommend using your bank card for your best chance to secure those limited pieces. However it is up to you to choose your preferred method of payment.


What are the Mystery Bags?

Mystery Bags are like the ultimate lucky dip for Sharkies – you won’t know exactly what you’re gonna get! They’re SUPER DUPER limited in numbers, so if you’re one of the lucky Sharkies to nom a mystery bag on release day you can officially call yourself an Ultimate Ninja Nommer! (they are still super limited so get your ninja skills ready!). All Mystery Bags will have 3 samples in the selected size, and may include samples of current stock, discontinued stock, or one-off pieces.

Can I choose different sizes or styles for my Mystery Bag?

Unfortunately not – Mystery Bags come pre-packed and we are not able to change sizes or styles.

What if the mystery items I receive aren't my style?

Mystery bags are definitely for the adventurous Sharkies amongst us who love surprises and trying new styles! Unfortunately mystery bags cannot be returned or exchanged - even if they don’t fit your personal style.

Is there a limit on the number of Mystery Bags I can buy?

Yes! Mystery Bags are strictly limited to 1 per order to make it fair for everyone.

What if I don't really like surprises?

Maybe the mystery bag isn't for you? But hey, that's ok, we'll have lots of other amazing pieces at hot little prices for you to nom!

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