We’re super passionate about what we do here at BMHQ. A big part of this is in the hands of our amazing manufacturing team. Over fifty per cent of the BlackMilk Clothing crew are in manufacturing, creating all our gear from scratch right here in Brisbane.

Making our gear is a very involved process. Luckily, we have experts at the helm.

A BlackMilk garment starts its life in product design and graphics, with jL and the team dreaming up something crazy. Then we make a sample, try it on a bunch of people in the office, get some feedback, and make changes until it’s perfect. Once we have a final sample, it’s over to manufacturing. When we’ve got all the gear ready, our super-organised logistics crew get it online for you guys to grab! Then finally it’s over to marketing (who tell you about all our cool new clothes), picking, packing, and post (who make sure you get your gear), and the Customer Service Mega Hotties (who help you out with your orders). And then we’ll get up and do it all again tomorrow!

It’s definitely a big job, but we love doing it.

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