Call of Napoleon Leggings

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Okay, this is not actually the real name of this artwork. But if I had painted it, that's totes what I would have called it! And I probably would have put myself somewhere in the middle, and included a tiger. Having said that, I don't want to suggest that this artwork isn't awesome, even though it lacks my image and a tiger. It is in fact Ossian Receiving the Ghosts of Fallen French Heroes by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Triosson, who was a super talented French painter with way too many names. And despite the fact that he was named Anne, he was in fact, a dude. This painting is fascinating at many different levels - there seems to be a massive mish-mash of cultures in the references; the heroes are French, Ossian is an Irish character whose image seems based on the Greek poet Homer, and they're all getting together in Valhalla, which is the ancient Scandinavian afterlife for dead warriors. And yeah, seems busy there, with piles of money and ladies without a lot of clothes grabbing at your ankles. However, at the end of the day, it must be declared a masterpiece because it has a lady flying around below a chicken. Look closely....

Composition: 83% Polyester Bright, 17% Spandex    
Washing: Please hand wash cool.
Designer: James Lillis 
Artist: Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Triosson
Made in: Australia



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