Jack O Lantern Swimsuit

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A thief named Jack once trapped the devil with a cross, and would only let him free on the condition that the devil never takes his soul. When Jack's time of earth was done, as happens to all living things, the devil kept his bargain and refused to let him into hell. As a thief, Jack has done far too many evil things to be allowed into heaven. Left in the darkness that exists between the worlds, Jack pleaded with the devil to at least let him have some light. Laughing, the devil tossed jack an ember from the depth of hell that would never burn out. Jack hollowed out a pumpkin stolen from a farmer's field (his final evil deed), put the ember inside and began wandering the earth endlessly, seeking a resting place he would never find. His lantern can still sometimes be seen in the loneliest corners of the world when the moon is new, grinning out of the night.

Composition: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
Washing: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colours
Made in: Australia

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Hip 86 - 90 90 - 93 93 - 99 99 - 105 105 - 111 111 - 117
In Leg (Pants Only) 84 84 84 85 85 85

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