Our Fabrics

We spend inordinate amounts of time tracking down, selecting and testing the highest quality fabrics we can find, that do exactly what we want them to do. It's a never-ending process, but over the years we've amassed a collection of go-to fabrics, chosen specifically for their properties and the fact that they work perfectly for the garments we want to create.


A super stretchy latex-look fabric, perfect for dressing your inner villain.


We call this fabric 'Awesome' because it IS awesome. It's got a little bit of shine, hugs your every curve, is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and is actually a swim fabric – so it holds up well to washing, sudden rainstorms and spontaneous fully-clothed dips into swimming pools.

Burned Velvet

All the touchy-soft-goodness of velvet, with an awesome sheer burned-out design. A BlackMilk classic in a whole range of awesome colours – once you've tried it, you'll need ALL of the BV in your life.


Cosy and fleecy, but a little more lightweight than our Warm Grey fabric, so it's great for between-season sweaters and leggings.

Juicy Fruit

We call this fabric 'Juicy Fruit' because it shines and sparkles like a freshly washed piece of fruit. It's covered with thousands of tiny little foil dots that catch every bit of light while letting the fabric stay super stretchy.


This is our 'shiny leggings' fabric (though we sometimes use it in other gear as well!). It has a lot of shine, so it makes our prints look incredible, and it's stretchy without losing colour.

Matte Black

Imagine the Matte fabric you know and love, but even softer and stretchier. That’s the new Matte Black. It’s still long lasting, goes with everything, and feels so good you’ll never want to take it off.


One of the softest, stretchiest, most comfortable fabrics you'll ever put on your body. It goes with everything, it feels freakin' amazing to wear and it holds up to constant wear – which is good, because once you put it on, you'll probably never want to take it off.

Matte White

Like our Matte Black fabric, Matte White is soft and stretches like nothing else, plus it's totally printable, so we can put all kinds of crazy things on it.


Ever wanted to cover yourself in shiny mermaid scales? This fabric lets you live that dream. It's made from thousands of tiny little foil dots, so it has lots of light-bouncing shine while still being super duper stretchy.


MF stands for Matte Finish. It's our powerhouse fabric – we use it more than any other fabric in our stable! And here's why: it's stretchy but holds its shape well, it has a matte finish but lets colours shine in all their glory and it's also totally swim-safe.

Push It

Push it real good! This fabric is thick and structured, so it makes beautiful shapes on your bodeh. It's also got some stretch, so it's comfy and SUPER flattering because it holds you in in all the right places.


Dangerously shiny and body-hugging, PVC is the ultimate fabric for turning heads and breaking hearts. It's not super stretchy but it will contour to your bod like a second skin.

Route 66

Shiny on the outside, soft on the inside: this is one of our go-to leather-look fabrics for making all those cool rock 'n' roll shapes you love. It's not super stretchy but it is very structured, so it sits really well on the body – specifically, on your body.

Sheer Mesh

Sheer and floaty, like a very stylish cloud. This fabric lets us make cool, printed, layered pieces like the Sheer Smock Dress, and tattoo-like fitted pieces like Sheer Leggings. It's super cool and lightweight and a total dream to wear.

Silky Light

Super lightweight and with a soft, silky texture that feels amazing on your skin, Silky Light works fantastically for shapes that need a little bit of structure but also a lot of flow. It doesn’t have any stretch so is often used in pieces that are designed to be a little bit oversized.


Our slinky fabric is incredibly soft, light and, well, slinky. You know that feeling when you've just shaved your legs and a cat rubs against them? Yeah, it's basically that in clothing form. We love it for making summery, floaty things like kimonos and maxi dresses.

Soft Drape

Light, soft and with really nice drapiness, so we like to use this for looser-fitting designer pieces. It comes in black and also black, because you can NEVER have too much black in your wardrobe.


You know when there’s something that you didn’t think could get any cooler, and then someone adds to it, and suddenly it’s like the best thing you’ve ever seen? Starlight is kinda like that. It starts off as thousands of twinkling holographic foil dots, and then we print over the top. Mind. Blown.


Double-faced active fabric with two-way stretch: it's super tough, breathable and UV-protective while being crazy soft, so it's up for just about anything you wanna do with it.

Summer Tee

A more lightweight version of our tee fabric – all the comfiness but just that little bit cooler, which makes it perfect for summery BFTs.


Our hardworking active wear fabric: it's tough, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, and will stretch with your every move.

Super Sheer

Soft and sheer, perfect for when you wanna show a lil bit of skin and still wear something cool, black, and layerable.


As you might guess, our Supershine fabric is super shiny. Like, you could probably blind people with this fabric (we suggest you don't). It also feels wonderfully silky, and stretches well across your bod.


Comfy enough to live in, this fabric is nice and thick without being overly heavy, so it sits beautifully in our tee dresses and long sleeve BFTs.


Toastie fabric is fleece-lined, so it's nice and…toasty. But it's also nice and structured, so it makes your clothes sit exactly where you want them to, and prevents tighter pieces from riding up your legs.

Toastie Light

A lighter version of our Toastie fabric – its fleece lining is a little bit thinner and lighter, so it's still got a nice drapey weight without being quite as warm.


Lightweight and incredibly cool, this fabric is perfect for summery pieces. It's not stretchy – instead, it holds its shape super well, which makes it great for tailored pieces like shirts, wide leg pants and yoke midi skirts.


As soft as a fluffy little kitten, but a touch more glamorous. Velvet is all about high shine and the ultimate touchability, and makes every print look insanely rich and colourful.

Warm Black / Berry / Teal

Cosy and fleecy, but a little more lightweight than our Warm Grey fabric, so it's great for between-season sweaters and leggings.

Warm Grey

Thick, stretchy and lined with super cosy fleece – this is our go-to fabric for all our snuggliest gear, guaranteed to keep you warm (and looking awesome) all winter long.

Wet Look

Wet look fabric looks kinda… wet. Well, it's more that it's really shiny, so it looks a bit like sunlight glistening on a road after a good rainfall. And who doesn't want to look like that? It's also nice and opaque, and has a good amount of stretch to it.

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